Audax Japan Okayama


Event name

RM424 AJ Okayama 1200 Spring Shine in 2021 the old name: BRM425 AJ Okayama 1200 Spring Shine in 2020

To the participants of RM424 (2/21up)

We are planning to the RM424 with reference to the announcement about the COVID-19 from the government of Japan and local.

The date will be set on April 24, but please understand that if a state of emergency is issued, it may be canceled or postponed again.

This time, we will stop setting up a rest place and providing meals at a rest area for the security of riders. All preparations will be done by the participants.

Also, the person not of participants and staff should not come to the start or goal etc. for avoid crowded place.

Sincerely yours, AJ Okayama (2021/2/21)


Ever since Audax Japan Okayama was established in 2005, we have successfully hosted the 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km, 1000km series of ACP sanctioned brevets. In 2016, we have been hosted the first RM 1200km brevet to be held in Honshu, the main island of the Japanese archipelago, with the kind support of so many. The Olympic year of 2020, our second challenge will be held in with improvement of the first 1200km.Audax Japan Okayama is grateful to all brevet riders and the local communities for their encouragement and support.

A 1200km voyage will start at Hayashima located in Setouchi region known for its moderate climate from breaking dawn of spring. Coast of Seto Inland Sea with Yacht Harbor and Olive Garden, and pass over the mountainous area to north to the spa area on the Japan Sea side. Hiruzenkogen Highlands with snow scene, historical myths of Izumo Taisha shrine, and cross many islands to enter Shikoku Island. Please enjoy beautiful cherry blossom season and cultural event by warmful volunteers in main island of Japan.

Representing Audax Japan, Okayama,


Start: April 24, 2021, 4:00 am | 4:15 am | 4:30 am (wave start | 50 slots in each time, 10 for overseas riders.)

Close: April 27, 2021, 10:00 pm | 10:15 pm | 10:30 pm


[route image]

Route image of 1200km in 2021

Route image of 1200km in 2021

[route data]

Total distance: approx. 1,208km

Total elevation: approx. 16,549m

[Ride with GPS]

Total route of Okayama 1200km in 2021


  • 2/26 Japanese revised version is released. *From about 666km point, the route changed to Miyoshi city direction.
  • 11/19 English version is released.
  • 9/27 Japanese draft is released.


We will update a new cue-sheet soon.

[over night control]

For preventing the spread of new corona infection, overnight control will not set on BRM424 (2021).

Riders list / Result

(2/28 released)

Please confirm your information and if you find some wrong, please contact us.

Start / Goal

Yurubino-ya in Hayashima
370-1 hayashima Maegata Tsukubo District Okayama Prefecture Japan

Access Example

●Tokyo to Hayashima

Narita International Airport – (Narita Express) – JR Tokyo Sta. – (JR /
Shinkansen (Bullet Train) – JR Okayama Sta.(JR-West / Local) Hayashima Sta.
Fare: approx. 19,000 JPY
Time required: approx. 5h30min

●Osaka to Hayashima

Kansai International Airport – (JR / Local) – Shin-Osaka Sta. (JR /
Shinkansen (Bullet Train) – JR Okayama Sta.(JR-West / Local) Hayashima Sta.
Fare: approx. 7,500 JPY
Time required: approx. 2h45min

Number of participants

150 first-come-first-served basis.
(30 participants from overseas in advance.)

Rider Entry Fee

23,000 JPY (tax included)

Application period

Opening of registration: November 22, 21:00, 2019 (Japan time)

Deadline of registration: February 1, midnight 2020 (Japan time)

Payment method

The application form is following the sports entry page and will open from Nov. 22nd, 9 pm (Japan time).

The options (Jersey and Welcome party) are not mandatory, and also you can add them after your registration is done until Feb. 1, 2020.

For your additional purchase, please contact and make an order to the following form.

You can also register for the sports entry system before your registration by the following page. It will be helped to put your information at your registration.


Due to the postponement of the event to BRM424 (2021), we are accepting cancellations during February 2021.



  • 1. To qualify for the Okayama 1200km, you must have successfully completed Super Randonneur Series ( 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k brevet series ) either in 2017, 2018 or 2019.
  • 2. You must be covered by liability insurance money, more than 100,000,000 JPY (Audax Japan regulation). The liability insurance have to cover for your own damage. (Audax Okayama regulation)
  • 3. Required to be 20years old or more.

Bike inspection

Detail will be uploaded in soon.

Welcome party

*We are currently coordinating the welcome party.

The following is the past information as BRM425 (2020). It will change in near future.

Apr. 24th. (Fri.) 18:00 – (about 2 hours) (plan)

All participants are invited to a welcome dinner at a Italian restaurant near the starting point.

Fee: 2,300 JPY (Tax excluded)

Place: Buffet Dabra

Memorial jersey

We are planning to make a memorial jersey.

BRM425 memorial jersey

Design of jersey by Akari KIRA.

Price: 11,500 JPY (Tax excluded)

Product and size information fromthe web site of wave one.

Email of product company:

Past Information

To the participants of BRM425

We have announced the deadline of cancellations are until the end of September this year, but postpone to the end of Feburuary next year for overseas riders.

Currently, the postponed event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 24, 2021.
We are not recruiting new participants, and only those who are currently registered can continue to participate.

Sincerely yours, AJ Okayama (2020/9/29)

We have already emailed the postponement of BRM425 and details about it, but we will inform digest to avoid the cases that our email could not be reached.

You can participate regardless of the participation fee next year, but if you want a refund, we will refund your entry fee minus the costs incurred to date for the preparation of the event. In case you choose a refund, a commemorative item will also be sent.

If you would like a refund, please let us know via the following form as we will need to tell you the way to refund.

We will resend detailed information.

If there is no contact, we will basically consider that you have requested to participate next year.

The refunds will be accepted by September 30 of this year.

Also, the detailed date of next year will be informed on the website by mid-September.

The commemorative jersey will be mailed to all riders who have ordered them.

Sincerely yours, AJ Okayama (2020/3/28)

Notice of BRM425 event cancellation.

For two weeks since the last of our report, we have been watching the trends of the COVID-19 and made a discussion with the related, but due to the safety for the participants and the consideration of the public, we decided to cancel the BRM425.

We are sorry for everyone who was looking forward to this event.

Initially, the next 1200km event was scheduled to be held four years later in 2024, but because of this cancellation, we are considering holding it next year.

Due to this cancellation, participants will receive detail information with a partial refund of the participation fee by e-mail by the 21st.

Please set your email to receive from jp1200(at) (please change (at) to @)

If you do not contact us by the 21st, please check your spam first and let us know via the following contact form.

Sincerely yours, AJ Okayama (2020/3/13)