Audax Japan Okayama


Event name

BRM423 AJ Okayama 1200 Shiny Spring in 2016


Ever since Audax Japan Okayama was established in 2005, we have successfully hosted the 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km , 1000km series of ACP sanctioned brevets. From April 23, 2016, we will be proudly hosting the first RM 1200km brevet to be held in Honshu, the main island of the Japanese archipelago, with the kind support of so many.

Audax Japan Okayama is grateful to all brevet riders and the local communities for their encouragement and support.

Representing Audax Japan, Okayama,
Nobuko Sawada


Start: April 23, 2016 4:00 am
Close: April 26, 2016 10:00 pm


[route image]

Route image of 1200km in 2016

Route image of 1200km in 2016

[route data]

Total distance: approx. 1,205km
Total elevation: approx. 12,172m

[Lat Long Lab] latest version (3/5 update)

*”Lat Long Lab” show the root on digital map in Japan.

[Ride with GPS] latest version (3/5 update)


Cue-sheet (PDF) can be downloaded from here. (latest version: BRM423cueE_v0416.pdf)

4/16 update – Revised the distance from line 85 – 109 and 291.
4/4 update – 270 line is revised, “left to right”.
3/29 update – Photo of CP7 is revised.
3/27 update – Control 7 is changed from school to meeting hall.
3/8 update – Some of traffic lights name are displayed in English.
3/5 uploaded

[over night control]

There will be three overnight controls where riders can sleep on the route.

*”Onomichi Fureai no Sato.”
You can sleep in the gymnasium (over -night control) or you can book a hotel or other types of accommodation in same area.
The participants of Brevet arrow free access in 24 hours on Apr. 24th and 25th at this accommodation. (Taking shower also.)
For further details, contact to reservation.(in Japanese)

[drop bag]

We will accept your drop bag parcel at the following two controls.

  • Kurayoshi (about 383km)
  • Onomichi: Natural Spa Onomichi Fureai no Sato (about 781km, 1041km)

*The drop bags can accept at the bike inspection.

●Drop bag can delivered to Kurayoshi (PC4) and Onomichi (PC8 / PC10) : (The parcel should be prepared to each control.)
Reception time:
At bike inspection on Apr. 22nd. (Fri.) 13:00 – 17:00
●Drop bag can delivered only to Onomichi (PC8 / PC10)
Reception time:
At bike inspection on Apr. 22nd. (Fri.) 13:00 – 17:00 or
At bike inspection on Apr. 22nd. (Fri.) 20:00 – 22:00 or
Apr. 23rd. (Sat.) 3:00 – 3:15
(*notice: logistic service can not delivery to Kurayoshi in next day after accepting 17:00.)

*There will be a parcel delivery service offered at the start point.
The charge will depend on the size and weight of the package. (We will help you communicate with the parcel delivery service company.)
*parcel delivery -related information
Door to Door Parcel Delivery Service

yamato logistic price

yamato logistic price

Riders list / Result

Start / Goal

Yurubino-ya in Hayashima
370-1 hayashima Maegata Tsukubo District Okayama Prefecture Japan


Access Example

●Tokyo to Hayashima

Narita International Airport – (Narita Express) – JR Tokyo Sta. – (JR /
Shinkansen (Bullet Train) – JR Okayama Sta.(JR-West / Local) Hayashima Sta.
Fare: approx. 19,000 JPY
Time required: approx. 5h30min

●Osaka to Hayashima

Kansai International Airport – (JR / Local) – Shin-Osaka Sta. (JR /
Shinkansen (Bullet Train) – JR Okayama Sta.(JR-West / Local) Hayashima Sta.
Fare: approx. 7,500 JPY
Time required: approx. 2h45min

Number of participants

150 first-received, first-accepted basis.
(30 participants from overseas in advance.)

Rider Entry Fee

20,000 JPY (tax included / excluding registration fee)


Opening of registration: November 21, 0:00 midnight, 2015 (Japan time)
Deadline for application: February 1, midnight 2016 (Japan time)

(Qualified rider registrations will be accepted on a first-received, first-accepted basis.)

Flow of registration

1. Input your information in application form

*Please make your e-mail setting to be able to receive jp1200(at) befor your registration.

2. Conform your information on automatic reply email.

There is a reservation number in this email.
IF your number is over 31, you are on the waiting list.
*If you do not have automatic reply email from entry form, please check your spam box or ask us from contact form.

3. Audax-Okayama office will check your information and sent to your email the payment information in a few days.

Please make a payment within a week from receiving our email.
If you are not pay within a week, your registration would be canceled.

4. After your payment in office, your registration is completed.

Payment method

Paypal (Credit card)
We will charge for your sum plus registration fee.

*registration fee is 3.9% plus 40JPY to total amount.


●If you cancel by Dec. 31st.
We will refund 80% of the entry fee, excluding the registration fee.
●If you cancel by Jan. 31st.
We will refund 50% of the entry fee, excluding the registration fee.
●If you cancel by Jan. 31st.
If you cancel after Feb. 1st your entry fee will not be refunded.


1. To qualify for the Okayama 1200km, you must have successfully completed at least one 1000km BRM, or one 1200km RM or one Super Randonneur Series ( 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k brevet series ) either in 2014 or in 2010 – 2015.
2. You must be covered by liability insurance money, more than 50,000,000 JPY (Audax Japan regulation). The liability insurance have to cover for your own damage. (Audax Okayama regulation)
3. Required to be 20years old or more.

Bike inspection

Apr. 22nd. (Fri.) 13:00 – 17:00、20:00 – 22:00
Apr. 23rd. (Sat.) 3:00 – 3:15 (Before a briefing / briefing is planning at 3:20)

Welcome party

Apr. 22nd. (Fri.) 17:30 – (about 2 hours)
All participants are invited to a welcome dinner at a restaurant near the starting point.
Fee: 2,000 JPY (tax included)
Details will be updated soon.

memorial jersey

*The participants can purchase the memorial jersey until Feb. 1st.
(You can buy from application form or make a contact from contact form.)

Memorial jersey BRM423 design

Design of Memorial jersey

*Design of Jersey by Akari KIRA.
*Product information and size information from the website of wave one.
Price: 13,500 JPY (Ex-bat)

[About size of Leger fit pro short sleeve jersey]
Leger fit pro short sleeve jersey” is made for race, and it is designed pretty tight.
You might feel small compared with typical jersey, but this is stretchable jersey.
The size table of jersey is not the nude size, it is in the pattern size (cutting size).
If your chest is 96cm, “XL size” is the recommended size.
If you like tight fitting feeling, it might be possible to choise “L size”.
You can ask the detail to the maker via

*You can change your jersey size up to Feb. 1. | Contact Form


The following information has been updated on the Audax Japan Okayama web site.

  • Result; Result is uploaded. (2016.5.12)
  • Riders list; Google spreadsheet version has been uploaded. We will try to update the rider’s information during the event. (2016.4.22)
  • Riders list is updated. Please confirm your name again and if there are mistyping, please notice it to the office. (2016.4.17)
  • Cue-sheet is updated. (2016.4.16)
  • Drop Bag information is updated. (2016.4.6)
  • Cue-sheet is updated. (2016.4.4)
  • Cue-sheet is updated. (2016.3.29)
  • Cue-sheet is updated. (2016.3.27)
  • Riders list is uploaded. (2016.3.14)
  • Cue-sheet is updated. (2016.3.8)
  • Cue-sheet and Ride with GPS are uploaded, and Lat Long Lab is updated. (2016.3.5)
  • Qualifying condition have been revised. (2015.12.8)
  • Design of memorial jersey has been uploaded. (2015.11.20)
  • Application form, etc.. has been uploaded. (2015.11.16)
  • Access information, etc.. has been uploaded. (2015.10.31)
  • Drop bag information has been uploaded. (2015.10.14)
  • Entry fee and Qualifying are uploaded. (2015.9.30)